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They are in XLS file format extension.

Free Profit and Loss Statement Template

Here are several profit and loss templates in PDF format. Home Statement Templates. Profit and Loss Templates A collection of free, professionally designed, and ad-free profit and loss statement templates for your business.

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Create Profit and Loss Statements Online Although we provide a lot of profit and loss templates for you to download and use with your business, sometimes manually filling out a printed template can be an arduous task. This online accounting software features: Automatic Profit and Loss Statement Creation Exporting of Profit and Loss Statements into PDF and Excel format Automatic Storage and Backup or your Profit and Loss Templates Easier tax filing for small business owners because everything will be ready and organized for you Professionally maintained and updated by accounting experts This is a great tool, so if you are interested, give WorkingPoint a try.

Free Monthly Profit and Loss Template

Green text and arrows indicate in increase compared to your budget or last year, while red text and arrows indicate you are down against budget or the previous years. If your actual cover numbers match your budget or last year cover numbers, you will see a blue arrow. As with the cover data section, there is space here to fill out your actual, budget and last year data.

Learn How To Create A Dynamic Profit & Loss Statement From Scratch In Excel Today

There are rows, for filling in your food sales for breakfast, lunch and dinner separately, as well as a line for beverages, and one for any other sales you may make. Once all sections are complete, the comparison against budget and last year will be automatically generated for you, with the same colour scheme as in cover data visible. The costs section provides spaces to fill in a wide variety of costs that can be expected in a restaurant.

The costs list is grouped into sections, starting with labour costs, such as managers salary, kitchen labour cost, bar labour cost, breakfast labour cost, dinner labour cost and other labour costs.

Making a Profit and Loss Statement

Food is split into food inventory opening, food cost and food inventory closing. Similarly, beverages are split into beverage inventory opening, beverage cost and beverage inventory closing. Aside from food and drink costs, there is space to enter any other expenditure, including cleaning materials, glassware and cutlery, kitchen replacement, guest supplies, printing and stationary, miscellaneous, music and entertainment, and equipment hire.

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If any of these do not apply, simply enter 0, and a dash will be displayed in the cell, indicating there is no information to display for this category. As with the cover and sales data, completing the budget and last year columns will allow the spreadsheet to calculate a comparison against each, and these will be colour coded with arrows to indicate whether or they are an increase or decrease.

The cost share distribution calculates a total cost from each of the four categories: food, beverages, labour and other, giving a gross profit margin from each category based on this. Select all of the expenses in the Monday column as shown.

Profit and Loss Sheet (Numbers Mac)

Click the Formula button and click Sum. Select the cell in the Profit and Loss row in the Monday Column. Enter the equal sign and the cell location of Monday's Sales b4 minus the cell location of Monday's Total Expenses b12 as shown below. Click the green checkmark to complete the calculation. Students can format the completed spreadsheet with their name, alternate fonts, font colors, sizes, etc.

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