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Was this able to solve your issue by rolling Java back? Message 3 of I looked online for how to do that and I really couldn't find a good way to do it.

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OSX has it pretty deeply embedded and this macbook is only about 3 weeks old. There wasn't a way to do it without reformatting the machine and going back to an older version of snow leopard which I don't have. I also upgraded the router with the latest software in case it worked with the newest version of the Java and it doesn't. Message 4 of Java rollback is the only solution I am aware of at this time. Message 5 of Rolling back java.

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Does anyone have some step by step instructions on how to do this rollback? I'm not a big Mac guy so and I believe one of my users is having this issue. She was able to connect just fine for the past 4 months or so. All of a sudden, white screen, java errors. Thank you.

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Message 6 of When i try and install it under root user i get a blank white screen after it asks for my root password and says there is an update available Message 7 of How do I rollback my java? Message 8 of That is a question for a Mac forum. Uninstall existing, and install previous version. Message 9 of PBWall wrote: How do I rollback my java?

Hello i manage to rollback the java version and use ssl vpn on Message 10 of Message 11 of The problem was discovered in March, it's now July and my clients are getting concerned.

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If Netgear can't make a commitment to timely updates for Mac users, then you need to let us know so we can seek alternative products. Message 12 of Yep i agree I think i will be switching, the time it takes for stuff to get fixed is just too long. I have mac's with downgraded java just so that they can run ssl vpn And god forbid someone upgrades the java, i need to do a 10 minute process to re downgrade it. How has this being allowed to happen for so long? Not to mention if you upgrade to mac osx lion you won't even have a chance getting ssl vpn working, or even ipsec for that matter Have a look at MoofMenu then!

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Are you too still roaming around the text-based, 16 colored multi user dungeons despite the new and shiny games and chat rooms the web offers? New version 3. WinShortcutter can follow Windows style Shortcuts and is ideal for Windows dominant office environments, where you find shortcuts all over the network drives.

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Bubble Pop Bubble Pop is a simple board game, still having it's fair addiction risk. Nuntius Are you too still roaming around the text-based, 16 colored multi user dungeons despite the new and shiny games and chat rooms the web offers? WinShortcutter New version 3. Easy Connection Setup Create connections easily with the included Wizard and configure your firewall with convenient step-by-step guides. Various network resources can be advertised to authenticated users based on policies.

Portals can be created and modified to match specific groups of users, allowing custom tailored pages per user group, each advertising a specific set of remote access functions. There's also a Web-based CIFS browser that permits file copies from the internal network to the client via the browser, which is certainly a nice feature for teleworkers.

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Certificates can be imported, or self-signed certs generated from within the UI, as well. I configured the unit and updated to the latest firmware in about 20 minutes, as I was traveling the next morning.

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That prompted petulant cries to Oliver, who called Netgear, which promptly zapped over a code update that handled the problem. admin