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How can I make sure? Given that I can see everything perfectly on my Mac e. I guess that this has to do with your Adobe's PDF specifications. How can I "enforce" those? Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. I am constantly getting messages from my PC friends that the photoshop files I create and then convert to either pdf or jpg are not readable on their pc.

Sometimes the files are split into two files one very small and the other large with the same name. The larger file is usually able to be opened.

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What can I do to make my proofs easier to read for pc users? This has gotten frustrating. Thanks for your help. This content has been marked as final. Show 68 replies. What you call the "small file" is actually the resource fork part of your Mac file. Usually that "splitting" of files into small and large as you describe it occurs when copying from a Mac to a Windows system or when putting a Mac file into a ZIP file.

The "small file" is typically the same name as the "large file" with the exception of a prefix of ". Thank you. Of course! There does not seem to be a way to programatically determine via javascript if the PDF is being opened in an Adobe product on the MAC as opposed to its built-in reader. I have tried using the app object and its properties viewerType, platform, etc. I also searched for a value or function call which Preview does not handle or one that only a genuine Adobe product handles.

With the advent of a reader destined to be delivered as part of the Windows operating system, it seems to be an important and missing property of the app object who the manufacturer of the application is. Then the developer could take necessary precautions or display warnings to the end-user that a document which displays perfectly under Acrobat is broken under Mac's Preview. The end user on a PC says the file is corrupt.

I have sent it to others with PC's and it is just fine. I send it to another PC with Vista and the same thing happens. This is a problem with your email client or theirs and not the PDF file format.

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Check with the Mac or Windows forums. My company use PDF file format a lot. It can be open in PC, but it shows a blank page. Thank you! PDF is a cross-platform compatible file format. There is no known generic problem of Macintosh-created PDF files not being readable on Windows systems.

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Without seeing your specific PDF file, there is not much we can do to analyze your problem. Provide more specific information about how you create the PDF and perhaps a link to the file would help us help you. How do I open a pdf on a mac so that it is the same size as it opens on a PC? I cannot read my pdfs, too small. Noname, Please repost your question on a more appropriate forum.

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I googled my question and this forum came up. Does anyone have the name of a forum in which someone knows about these things well enough that could provide the answer to my question? Well, you need to look at what software you are using to open the files on the Mac, and on the PC. What is the software?

Adobe Reader, just along the hall. Other software, a bit further. Aandi Inston. I created a document in Word on my Mac. When I opened it at work on the PC using Acrobat, having emailed it there, a couple of formatting features had been changed i. Does anyone have any ideas? Two possibilities I am trying to send a password protected adobe file from my Window's computer to a mac computer. I have it set so that you can print the document once opened. Any thoughts on why this might be happening? If the former, what version s of Acrobat or Reader is being used? If the latter - contact Apple!

I have run into this problem more than once. I then check to make sure it can again be viewed.

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When I send it to someone via email - Mac Mail 3. This has happened to more than one person using different machines. Without traveling to my clients and friends places of business or home to inspect their system I have no way of knowing where the problem lies. It is easy to point fingers and say it is not a problem with Adobe software Acrobat or PSE that it is the OS, the Mail program, the receivers system, etc.

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The bottom line is there is a problem with the compatibility of some Adobe products and different OS when it comes to making or editing PDF's or JPG's and as a general user it is next to impossible to get help on determining how to resolve the problem. Check your email settings for attachments. There are choices about wehtehr to create Windows-compatible attachment format or not. I have created some pdf documents on a pc. The doc's are reported full of "funny" symbols instead of text by a client hwo use mac.

I have opened the docs on our own macs and they seem fine. Can anyone offer a solution to this problem? Thanks, Kim. Are the fonts in the documents embedded? If so are they embedded as subsets? I wonder if the Mac users are viewing the files in some other program than Adobe Reader or Acrobat. You should confirm the software including version that the user is using, and the version of Mac OS. When I attempt to open a PDF from any of the various financial institutions with whom I hold accts, it comes up as a black screen and prints a black screen as well.

The scroll bars also do not appear. I've uninstalled and reinstalled adobe and also cleared cache but no luck. Any ideas?

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