New mac charger not charging

If it's indeed the problem, could mean a replacement of your laptop - so check to see if it's still under warranty! Look for any discolorations, burns, or dents inside of the port. If any of these symptoms appear, it could mean your port is damaged. If your port is damaged, take it into a local Apple authorized computer repair store or an Apple store to get it fixed.

Battery Not Charging On MacBook Pro – How To Fix It

For MacBook's with a removable battery early and older. If non of the above tips worked, the problem could be as simple as overheating. If the top or bottom of your laptop is hot to the touch, then this could be the culprit. Just place a fan near your MacBook to cool it down, or simply turn it off and let it be for an hour or two.

Overheating can stop your MacBook Pro or Air battery from charging if the thermal sensors within the computer detect a drastic rise in temperature, and shut off access to the battery as a safety precaution.

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Every laptop has it's own quirks and problems, and at this point it's better for a professional to take a look into the problem as more than likely it'll have to be a unique fix. Toggle navigation Products. Uh oh!

Check power

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MacBook not charging? Here's what to check

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Here's how to fix it. Here are a few troubleshooting tips you can try to get your battery back on track. Press the Apple icon in top left of screen.

If your USB-C power adapter isn't charging your Mac notebook

Click Restart. Some of the most common include the following;. One of the main reasons why your Mac may not be charging could be due to connection issues. It is possible that the cable you are using is somehow damaged and therefore cannot sufficiently connect the Mac to the power source, allowing for adequate charging. You also want to check the hardware components of the Mac to ensure that everything is working OK.

Is the power cable itself working correctly? You can check by connecting it to another Mac. It is also likely that the Mac's battery could be damaged. If the cable and the power source are just fine but the Mac will not charge correctly, it is possible that the battery is somehow damaged. No matter what the cause of the problem, you need your Mac to charge and therefore need a solution to the problem. The following are just some of the most effective solutions you can try;. Sometimes certain software problems can cause the hardware components of the Mac to freeze up, resulting in a device that will not charge or work correctly.

Since a reboot will often reset the Mac and eliminate some of these software problems, you may want to try that first. Follow these simple steps to do it;.

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If a reboot doesn't work, you may want to check the hardware components just to make sure that everything is working correctly. Begin by checking the power cable. Inspect it and see if you can find any broken parts. A damaged power cable could be causing the problem. You may also want to check the ports to ensure there aren't any debris and dirt that could be hindering the connection.

How to Fix Battery Not Charging on MacBook

Finally, check that the cable is well plugged into the socket. Checking the battery life can be important when the battery is not charging s expected.

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  6. To do that, press and hold down the Option Key and click on the battery icon in the menu bar to open the advanced options menu which could show one of the following 4 battery states;. Here's how to do both;. When the heat sensors on your Mac detect a rise in temperature, they can block access to the battery which can cause the battery to not charge. To cool down the Mac, simply turn it off for a while and stop using it.

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