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Hope one of these works!

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The OP here is incorrect. The suggestions do not solve the problem.

It is an Apple problem. I will revert to High Sierra until this is solved. Yes, reverting back to High Sierra means formatting the mac so you will loose you data.

How to save battery on MacBook Pro (Air)

Do a backup before downgrading. Lets see if Apple will come out with a solution to this flaw. As I see it, what is the point of having all these features BUT we need to switch it off just to save battery power.

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  7. Its like buying a superbike but only can ride up to 20mph. Silly Apple. The same issue on my Air. The battery is draining very fast, EVEN in standby mode the laptop is closed and not used. Did not have such a problem on El Capitaine. I really regret having upgraded to Mojave and too lazy to downgrade back….

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    Mojave is such a royal ……. I am starting to believe that it is used by Apple to slow older machines read ….. I am so disgusted. I did it because of the irritating update constantly appearing. I trusted that Apple was doing it for my benefit as always before.

    Extend Your Mac's Battery Run-Time with These Tips

    The tide will turn!!! Hope it does so fast. The only downside is that you can't use any dock-cradle accessories without removing the iPhone from the case. Although the company promises one soon, Mophie has yet to release a battery case for the iPhone 5. This battery case snaps onto your iPhone and doubles its battery life. The Ecopack comes in a variety of colors, and it purports to be eco-friendly because you can swap the battery portion of the device between cases, enabling the battery to last through several phone upgrades. You can also pick up an external battery case for your iPad, which is a great travel accessory if you plan to watch videos during airplane flights.

    The Padacs Enduro is a folio-style polyurethane case with a built-in lithium-ion battery pack. Enduro says that, if you have the proper adapter, its cases can also charge your iPhone or iPod , though we haven't tested this feature.

    2. Turn off services

    It isn't necessary to bring both the charger that came with your iPhone and the one that cam with your iPad. Save space by packing just the one that came with your iPad. Visually, the iPad charger is bigger, with prongs that can be pushed in and pulled out of the square body, similar to a MacBook charger; the iPhone charger is smaller, and its prongs can't retract.

    But what if you have an iPhone 5 with a Lightning connector and, say, a third-generation iPad with the older pin dock connector?

    How to Improve macOS Mojave Battery Life on MacBook Pro and Air

    Conserving your battery's charge can be as simple as tweaking some settings on your iPhone and iPad. Go to Settings and toggle Airplane Mode on. Manually lowering a screen's brightness yourself can extend battery life, too. Bonus tip: Don't let your device get too hot or too cold. Apple recommends keeping your unit at between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. For more battery-saving tips, see Apple's own battery guide.

    It will still receive messages and email, perform a Time Machine backup, download updates from the Mac App Store, and do many other tasks, but at a fraction of the energy use. By default, Power Nap is enabled when you plug your device into a power adapter, and is turned off when you run your device on battery power.

    Choose swift sleep: While you're in the Energy Saver pane, review some of the other options for preserving battery life.

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    4. For instance, you can adjust the amount of inactive time before your computer and display go to sleep; the quicker each of them sleeps, the more battery power you save.

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