How to turn on airplay on mac mavericks

If you popped an app into full-screen mode on one monitor, the other monitor went blank, displaying only a stock linen pattern as dark as my heart.

How to iOS 13 AirPlay Mirroring from iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/iPad to Mac/PC?

All spaces encompassed both displays, too, so when you switched between then, the content on both displays changed. What Mavericks will provide is more or less exactly what a multiple-monitor user like me was pining for: Two screens that act independently, each with its own spaces and its own full-screen mode. When I drag the Calendar app onto my laptop screen and click the full-screen icon in the top-right corner of its title bar, it expands to fill that screen. Meanwhile, my larger external display remains fully functional.

Each screen can have its own collection of full-screen apps and its own sets of desktops. When the Calendar app is displaying in full-screen mode on my laptop screen, I can move my cursor to that screen and swipe with three fingers to switch to other views. I can switch to a desktop view, another full-screen app, or even the Dashboard. Yes, Dashboard still exists!

As I swipe from screen to screen on my laptop, the external display remains blissfully still, showing me all my other stuff. As it should be. If you really prefer the old arrangement, you can still choose to have spaces remain constant across your displays, thanks to an option in the Mission Control preference pane.

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a display to pair with their laptop or iMac. Mavericks's AirPlay Display.

Three Ways to Mirror iPhone to Mac Easily & Successfully

You can select an Apple TV from the menu, and choose to mirror your current display or extend the desktop. Running in extended-desktop mode, the TV becomes just another display.

How To Airplay Mac To Apple tv - MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, MacMini,MacPro

You can set an arrangement via the Displays preference pane, use Mission Control to manage spaces and full-screen apps, and all the rest. The display being driven by Apple TV does suffer a little bit from lag. As a result, I moved the cursor much more carefully on the TV display and was careful not to overshoot and click in the wrong place. Up to now, the OS X menu bar was inviolate: There was only ever one menu bar. With Mavericks, though, each display can have its own menu bar.

Does my Mac support AirPlay Mirroring? | Streaming Blog

When you switch displays or click on the currently inactive menu bar, their transparency or lack thereof swaps. Separate menu bars for each display may seem obvious, but it will be a productivity booster for users of multiple displays.

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Before now, even if you used a second monitor on your Mac, the menu bar would remain on the primary display, necessitating a lot of mousing back and forth unless you installed a quirky add-on menu utility like SecondBar. If you set your Dock to display on the left or the right, it will appear on the leftmost or rightmost display and stay there forever.

If you set the Dock to display on the bottom, however, something strange happens. The Dock follows you around, sort of. When I move my cursor to an external display and start working in an app over there, the Dock remains where it was, on the first display. However, if I move my cursor to the bottom of the display as if trying to summon a hidden Dock , the Dock slides out of view on my first display and slides back into view on the second. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Maverick Thread starter swinxx Start date Oct 31, Hello my setup: z77 up5 i 32gb ram gtx 4gb - main display x Can anyone please help me. It seems Airplay only works with specific hardware - If you don't have it, it won't work. Similar functionality can be achieved with an app called AirParrot. Strange cause i have read some threads about working airplay with same system specs.. So that should not be the problem in my case.. The only way I could get it to work is by using the mac mini 6,2 system definition and using the HD video.

I'm using a MacPro 3,1 definition and I can use Airplay. This is an Audio only Airplay not the Airplay Mirroring. I have no mirroring to test with. Audio airplay is less fussy then video airplay. Video Airplay is written to use a feature of the Hd and above chipset, so you need a system definition that apple would expect to have hd and above and you need to enable hd and above graphics.

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