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Styles include headings, lists, indented blocks, and pre-formatted text. You focus on the meaning of your notes, and leave Agenda to handle the appearance.

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It results in documents that look fantastic, are consistent, and can be readily converted to formats like Markdown and HTML. Agenda notes also work great to track tasks. There are different list styles — including checklists — and mixing in more extensive content is a no brainer, rather than an afterthought. Due to its clean and crisp minimalistic design, Agenda allows you to focus on your notes, making them feel as if printed on paper.

Notes appear in a project timeline, but projects themselves can also be grouped into categories.

Mac Tutorial: How to use shared calendars with the Mac Calendar App and iCloud

Notes are ordered in the timeline however you choose; you can drag them around, apply dates, or use a mixed approach. You can also collapse notes to save space. To stay on top of all the things to do in your life, you can add a reminder to a task with one tap. It will automatically appear in Reminders app. Agenda presents your calendar events and due reminders in a single scrolling timeline.

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Reminders can be edited, rescheduled, or checked off without ever leaving Agenda. Taking notes is not just about text. Often, you want to link to a web site, or include a file. If you are working on a journal, you might want to add a few photos; for a business meeting, it is very useful to be able to include a spreadsheet or presentation. Whatever it is you want to attach, Agenda has you covered.

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You can easily link to web sites and files on your disk, but you can also drag files in to attach them. You can switch between four different ways to display an attachment, from thumbnail to full-width. Attachments get transferred between devices via iCloud, so you can view them wherever you are. You can also use the Agenda archive format to exchange exact duplicates of your notes with other Agenda users.

Select the Sync iCal Calendars check box, and then select the calendars that you want to sync. Some iPod models cannot display notes synced from Outlook.

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For more information, see the documentation for your specific model. To sync your e-mail between Outlook and your device, you can add the account in both Outlook and the device. You do not need to turn on Sync Services in Outlook. When connected to your computer, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod continues to sync using the options that you selected until you change your sync options.

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